Pink Skin EP

by R.M.Hendrix

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The "Pink Skin" EP follows this Spring's well-blogged "Summer Dresses" single with raucous psychedelic shoegaze rock.

Paisely, mind-altering head trips are at the center of Hendrix's new tunes. Neither nostalgic nor sentimental, just inspired: huge sounds, textured feedback, and walls of guitars that surround and make you want to dance or go catatonic with headphones, and IT'S LOUD.

"I wanted to make a record that could take over a room. Some people do it like a spectral glacier. I do it more like an avalanche. It's like standing on the beach and letting the waves crash into you… euphoria with a sting," says Hendrix.

Shoegaze is an obvious heir to the disorienting pyschedelic 60's. Bands like The Telescopes and Spacemen 3 journeyed to the center of their minds to make epic records. Others like Ride and Teenage Fanclub went straight for the harmonies of The Byrds. These inspirations created loud, immediate experiences to cause synesthesia- the taste of sound!

Hendrix's three new songs are written to help you taste color, see sound and feel everything all at once.


released September 18, 2012

Written by R.M. Hendrix / BMI
Performed and Produced by R.M. Hendrix © 2012
Mastered by Jason Martin
Design by Pretty Garage



all rights reserved


R.M.Hendrix Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hendrix's "Last Days of Black" was named by NYC's Dreamwave as one of the top 25 Shoegaze tracks of 2012. "Summer Dresses" was in Boston Phoenix's top tracks of 2012.

The Boston Phoenix called "Summer Dresses" "dream-pop fuzz for people just itching to get the f**k outside...that wouldn’t be out of place on a beat-up Maxell mixtape alongside early New Order and the Jesus & Mary Chain."
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Track Name: The Last Days of Black
So you wanna career in ribbons, in rainbows
Hands up, palms up, moderns, designers
The last days of black, The last days are back
In the art factory, worn halls, Warhols
Dressed up, messed up, hipsters, teens in malls
The last days of black, The last days are back
Even if you disagree, even if you leave
They will still be here, they'll still be 'round
Even if you disagree, even if you leave
Short hair will be here, pink skin will still be 'round
Track Name: Staring Into the Sun
Can you undo what's been done
After staring into the sun?
That black circle is always ahead
Now somethings messed up inside your head
Track Name: Lipstick and Perfect Hair
Stop smoking that
Crack goes my back
Mask the record on the radio
Sensation you should know

Fact is fact
Check bouncing back
Masked man on the tv show
Something you should know

It's not what you said, it's what you did
With your lipstick and perfect hair
It's not what you did, it's what you said
With you lipstick and empty stare
That says you don't care

Panic attack
Dog ear the stack
Deck head on the video
Tape hits the end of the roll